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Frequently Asked Questions about Spinal Energetics

What is Spinal Energetics?

Spinal Energetics is a modality developed by Chiropractor and Counsellor Dr Sarah Jane. It is a practice that combines Eastern and Western thought, to interact with a person’s spine, nervous system and energetic field, to harness a person’s own innate wisdom to know and heal themselves. Each living being is not just a physical form but also a being of energy. Energy encompasses each of our aspects; physical, emotional, mental, spiritual, and soul: Woven together with our ancestry, experiences, stories, personality, and character. Energy is a spectrum from underactive to overactive. As Spinal Energetics practitioners, we intend to support our clients in meeting the middle path of homeostasis - balance, as we believe that wellbeing is each person’s birthright. Through light yet powerful touch (and sometimes no touch), an organic flow of movement and sound begins and progresses to shift, unwind, discover and release tension, resistance, and stories that may have been stored in the body. The movements and sounds are natural and primordial, they are a response to the treatment and are driven by an individual's energy, intuition and instinct. Spinal Energetics is not something we ‘do’ to a client, it is a practice of collaboration to cultivate and support deep self-awareness in our clients to help them soften and/or strengthen patterns of resistance and/or submission that may be preventing well-being from flowing to them. Influenced by various modalities, such as Network Spinal, Kundalini Activation Process, Alpha Alignment, Shamanism, Inner Dance, Reiki, Esoteric Acupuncture, Craniosacral Therapy, Transpersonal Psychotherapy, Trauma Release and Pranayama. With the incorporation of philosophies of Buddhism, Hinduism, Chinese Medicine, Yogic and Meditative traditions.

Can everybody have a Spinal Energetic session?

No. I offer Spinal Energetics sessions for 12-75 year old with an average good health. If you doubt if this is something for you, let me know then we can have a chat about it.

Can children come themselves?

Children 12yo and up need parental consent. Best to have the child and a parent come in for the first consultation to discuss if the child is better of having a treatment on it's own.

How do I prepare for a session?

  • Have some water.

  • No alcohol or other substance.

  • Only light food two hours prior session.

What do I need to do for a session?

Wear comfortable clothes. Come with an open mind and heart. All you are asked is to be present, allow to energy to flow, surrender to it all, let go and be open to a new experience without expectations. Feel free to move/stretch on the table, make sound, release emotion as you feel.

What can I expect during a session?

We will have a chat first. Then the treatment, 25-40 minutes. Ending with a short chat before you leave. During treatment there will be light touches, music and some sounds and instructions coming from me.

What do I experience during a session?

A person’s experience with Spinal Energetic is complete unique to them, and each session can bring about different understandings for the client. No one session is “better” than another. All experiences are just as profound. Common experiences are: Energy Sensations (heat, cold, tingling, energy currents), Spontaneous Body Movements (twitch, stretch, flows), Emotional Releases (suppressed, unprocessed emotions, deep relaxation, bliss), Visual Experiences.

Will I move during a session?

Maybe, maybe not. You might start moving after a few sessions. You might never move. The movement however is not a reflection of the healing as those who don't physically move also experience energetic shifts and sensations. Your body will only release what it feels safe and ready to let go.

How will I feel after a session?

People have reported feeling an ease of physical symptoms they may have been experiencing, better quality sleep, clearer mind, less mood swings, reduced anxiety and overall stress, less tension in the body, increased energy levels, deeper connection to their higher self. Spinal energetics helps to calm your nervous system bringing you to a state of balance and calm.

How long does the energy work take to integrate and what may I notice?

It is not uncommon to notice some of the following over 12-72 hours after your sessions: Feeling disoriented or light-headed, Increased awareness in the body, Changes in breath during and after sessions, Regions of ease and discomfort, Feeling more energised or feeling exhausted, Detoxification experienced as nausea, change in bowel, Headaches, Emotional releases like crying, laughing, anger, Greater awareness of your body movements.

These are all signs that your system is increasing your self-awareness and allowing for more ease, connection and flexibility.

Things that can help the integration process:

  • Taking it easy for the rest of the day after a session.

  • Some gentle movement or walk.

  • Grounding yourself in nature barefoot.

  • A shower or bath.

  • Be sure to stay hydrated.

I see other modalities on social media that look similar to Spinal Energetics. Is it the same?

From the outside practices can look similar in nature but each technique beneficial in their own unique way.

Have other questions?
I'm happy to answer them.
Feel free to contact me.

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