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spinal energetics coming to
the netherlands & europe tour

E U R O P E   O F F E R I N G S

Looking ahead, I am excited to share that I have plans to return to the Netherlands for a longer duration in the near future. While the exact dates are yet to be finalized, rest assured that I will keep you informed about my upcoming schedule. My plan is to offer 1-on-1 sessions and group events in The Netherlands and a tour through Europe. I am enthusiastic about the possibility of reconnecting with familiar faces and welcoming new participants into the Spinal Energetics circle.


In the meantime, for those interested in continuing their Spinal Energetics journey (you must have had one Spinal Energetics session face to face before), I am delighted to offer online sessions while I am in Australia. Please note that due to the time difference, please contact me to find a fitted time slot. I am committed to providing you with the same level of care and attention, even from a distance.


Additionally, keep an eye on the Practitioner Directory list on the official Spinal Energetics website: 


Wishing you abundant love, healing, and light on your journey.

Sarah xo


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